Windshield rock chip repair

Rock chip repair, star crack on the windshield

A rock got picked up from the road and hit your windshield?

Minor windshield damage is usually occurs in the form of a chip or crack. A chip is commonly formed when a piece of debris hits the windshield. It can take the form of a star break, bulls-eye, partial bulls-eye, crack chip or pit. The size of the damage reveals whether or not it can be rpaired. Most of the time when you place a claim through your insurance company, you will be asked if the damage can be covered by a "dollar bill" this is a guideline used to see if the damage is repairable. At Crack Attack we go beyond the “dollar bill” measurement, we can repair damage up to 12 inches as long as it’s not in your line of sight.

Factory bond of the windshield

Should you repair or replace your windshield?

You may not have to replace your windshield at all—repair may be an option. When you bought your automobile, it came with a factory windshield sealed in by factory robots. So if you do get damage to your windshield and it can be repaired that is your best bet. We provide mobile Rock chip repair in Littleton, Highlands ranch and Denver. We also will work with your insurance company to provide you with free windshield repair.

Windshields can’t be recycled

Stay green!

Over 10 million windshields per year are replaced in North America. Since laminated auto glass cannot be commercially recycled, most of it ends up filling upthe landfills. So why disturb an original factory bond and add another windshield to the landfill? Call or book online today, most of our repairs are done on the same day, we will even assist you with an insurance claim to provide that repair free of charge!