Professional headlight restoration

headlight restoration

Cloudy headlights that need to be restored

Do your headlights look like this?

Do your headlights look cloudy? Are you having hard time seeing the road when you drive at night? We are here to help you get nice clean headlights. The original clear coat layer on your headlights deteriorates over time by being exposed to UV light, road debris and other elements. We are premier company that provides Headlight restoration in Denver

Restoring the headlight

We offer mobile Headlight restoration.

Crack Attack offers professional headlight restoration at a fraction of a replacement cost. We offer free mobile service so there is no need to bring your car to the shop. Call today or schedule online.

Restored headlight , how to make your headlights clean

Your headlights will look like new without spending hundreds of dollars.

Our technician will sand the headlights surface to remove oxidized clear coat, then the lens will be brought back to its transparent state, buffed and polished. Las step is to apply UV resistant protective clear coat.